This is a collection of applications, code snippets and tutorials.

FeedIron custom recipes for embedded videos in RSS (2021-04-16) (last update: 2021-08-03)

TTRSS is a great choice to read RSS feeds in your browser or on other devices. It offers an plugin system with lots of tools to create your perfect RSS feed. FeedIron is such a plugin, it can refine RSS feeds with additional information, which are not included by default. For example, FeedIron can include custom HTML elements into the feed description like an embedded videos. There is an official repository with custom recipes and on this page some more configs for FeedIron are shared.

user.js compare tool (python) (2021-04-10) (last update: 2022-03-13)

The user.js of Firefox allows to configure your browser to your needs. There are different examples out there, but to manually compare them with each other takes time. This python application allows to print out a summary about the differences of two user.js files as input.